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Psychoanalysists would have it that any part of a house usually represents a part of yourself. Some say that the attic symbolizes the higher self, or your best self. The self that is in contact with the eternal.

It may symbolize the sum total of your life's work. That it may predict how well you will do in old age. If the attic is full it may imply that you are accomplishing wonderful things and are living up to your potential in this life time.

So how come my attic is so full of crap?

All cynicism aside this splendid little painting does have a strange and vulnerable atmosphere. Almost as if the artist is sharing some deeper level of intimacy with us.

In terms of a saleable artwork it has everything against it. It's relatively recent, 1995, and not technically accomplished in any conventional way. But it is utterly unique, it reaks of charm and it has that important ingredient integrity.

(Those who know me will know that am very much under the spell of untaught artists and unconventional artworks.)

Put this is an impressive frame* and let the 'Emperor's New Clothes' syndrome take effect. Then you'll have a self-taught 'masterwork' on your hands.

*My suggestion would be for a broad frame at least 3 inches wide in a 'distressed' white painted finish or sun-bleached natural wood.

Signed: E. E. Coles

Date: 1995

Size (painting): 17cm x 22cm

Size (frame): 30cm x 38cm x 1.5cm

Medium: watercolour

Condition: good



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