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There is a note on the back of the painting identifying the location as Prestbury. There are two towns called Prestbury in the UK; one in Cheshire and one in Gloucestershire. I Googled-up some images and I'd say this is probably Gloucestershire (don't hold me to it). And Gloucestershire is closer to where I acquired the painting, so the balance of probability is on my side. It's well drawn and delicately painted by someone who is quite obviously and old hand in this medium. In my (unsubstantiated) opinion the painting dates from circa 1955 - or earlier; the frame is of a much later vintage, say, 1980.

Signed: S. Damadian

Date: circa 1955

Size (painting): 18cm x 27.5cm

Size (frame): 34.5cm x 44.5cm x 2cm

Medium: watercolour

Condition: good


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